True Love


True Love Spoken Word Art

by Andrea Lynn Cianflone

Is it possible to fall in love without an exchange of touch?

I never thought this idea was asking for so much.

What then, are the markers of love to measure?

Certainly, there’s more than sizzling pleasure.

Attraction…what is it anyway? A distraction from what is true and real.

Responsibility for my heart was part of the deal.

But, instead…

He joined forces with the man with the fork,

And began to dig his inner grave,

Making room for that ‘something’ we all crave.

Like filling an empty stomach,

Devouring every last morsel of my being, and with each bite,

his increase became my decrease.

His increase became my decrease


I became less of me…

and less of you,

…and less of me,

…and less of you,

…less of

…less of …less


A recipe of disaster, lead by the chef master.

Half teaspoon of charm simmer to a harm.

One cup of nice poured into a scheming device.

Whip until smooth until “man” creates “ipulation,”

I was told the outcome of suffering can be bittersweet,

But I wasn’t ready for the back and forth repeat of…

I love you.

I love you not.

I love you.