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I'd first like to say thank you to the men and women of this world who know how to respect each other in the fullest sense of the word!

To those who still believe that sexual harassment is about what a woman is ‘wearing’ etc., may I add to the extensive list below that in every situation, I was fully clothed in modest attire, skirts and dresses to knee or floor, no revealing tops, etc. This isn’t about what women wear! In my opinion, it’s about one's desire for power and control over a man or woman and the lust plaguing the heart of the offender.

In addition to bringing awareness to sexual harassment, I would also like to give the gift of forgiveness to:

1) The middle manager of a corporation who whispered into my ear at a company holiday party, “I still wake up in the middle of the night, wet, thinking about that dress you wore last year.” 2) The opera company director who, after reviewing an item on my resume, inquired about my playing volleyball, said in the audition/interview room with two male panelists at his side, “So you like to play with balls huh (laugh, smirk, laugh)?” ...and to the other two male audition panelists and male pianist who didn’t speak up during the audition/interview. 3) The engineer, who at a recording studio, started touching my leg commenting on “how strong my legs were.” 4) The married man in a corporate office who when I inquired about the dress code/attire for an upcoming party, responded “for you, nudity.” 5) The married male entrepreneur who followed up from a business email exchange for our meeting with, “looking forward to our date (wink)” …of which I quickly cancelled the meeting. 6) The man who invited me for a business meeting at an NYC hotel in the lounge, who touched my leg while he extended an invitation up to his room…of which I quickly declined and left the meeting. 7) The opera company owner who after my audition repeatedly said, “Thank you for wearing that dress” as his eyes slid up and down my body. 8) The man who accosted me on the street while I walked home at night. 9) The man who while I walked to the subway in clear daylight grabbed my behind. 10) A male singer who suggested we practice one of our ‘kissing scenes’ from the theater production in his apartment. 11) The group of men in a car who yelled out their window, “Yo ma, I’d like to f* that.” 12) The group of men on the subway who taunted and harassed me on my commute home late at night and to the people who stood by and did nothing. 13) The female opera singer who slandered my name in a company by spreading false rumors that I was 'sleeping with' another opera singer in the company (little did she know my thoughts or beliefs on sex). 14) The magazine editor who unbeknownst (after I brought it up to him) said to another colleague that my photo “misrepresented me.” 15) To the many men who posed business meetings as avenues of ‘opportunities,’ only to not move further in any business relationship. 16) To the man who after knowing I was making an hour trip to major city for our meeting literally gave me a 1-minute meeting to decline a business package I was offering. 17) To the man who when I asked if we could set up a mutual time on the phone that would work for both our schedules began to laugh on the phone. 18) To the married man who at a business party boasted to me about how he comes to the city (NYC) to find, "a 25 year old woman who doesn't know any better." I left that conversation in a dash. 19) The many many many sidewalk street harassment, whistle calls, etc…way too many instances to even begin to list. 20) To those who witnessed these situations and did nothing.

....and these are just a few situations that came to mind!

Stay tuned to my blog where I will be talking more in depth about the above.

#MeToo #ForgivingisnotShaming #BeDelighted #HonestyTransparency#NoPlaceforSexualHarrassment #LustDestroys

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